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#7 Predator PERFOMRANCE, PERFORMANCE, PERFORMANCE & QUALITY. Predator hits our number 7 spot for pool stick review madness! We love the intricate details and all the performance, This cues are made for kings that can appreciate perfection.

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 Testing Results Review:

 There is no surprises with this predator pool stick, The highest quality materials, Exotic woods, intricate precise CNC inlays absolutely flawless appearance that invokes true passion for performance and design. The entire Ikon Series is like this and consistent through the predator values.

We have played with predator cues numerous times, The shaft has amazing action and precision accuracy predator has just innovated it's way to the top we can't tell you how many  pros and amateurs we put this cue in the hands of but I can tell you everyone of them absolutely loved it! Just has an incredible feel to their sticks! We like the wrap less look and feel, they do make some leather wraps in the ikon series but cue is better with out one!

We may be critical of predator because of their price point at times but you gotta give it to them for just making a phenomenal proctor that you can depend on time and time again.  so if you really are looking for high quality pool cue performance than predator cues is one of the most reliable choices.




Tip : 12.75mm, 8 layered Predator medium Victory tip 
Ferrule : V-Tek Ferrule with Vault Plate 
Shaft : 29" 10 iMatch paired radial spliced Hardrock maple pieces with a 15" Pro Taper 
Pin : Uni-Loc 
Collar : P3 collar 
Forearm : Figured curly maple with cocobolo, golden stained maple, micarta and abolone shell inlays and points 
Wrap : None, Cream handle 
Butt Sleeve : Cream with cocobolo, golden stained maple, micarta and abolone shell inlays and drop points 
Butt Plate : Cream with black IKON logo 
Bumper : Threaded black rubber with Predator logo 


Hope that this pool cue review was helpful, if you are interested in purchasing this cue please feel free to give our sponsors a visit.


 predator pool stick one of the nicest cues we have seen