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#5 Intricate inlays performance & Price, Price, Price a great pool cue offering all the custom looks and performance that makes it to our top ten list this is exactly what we look for in a great cue.

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  Testing Results Review:

 This cue is such a surprise and we finally see lucasi putting out the product that we really want to get our hands on! It seems over the last few years they were invested to much into their hybrid cues with rubber wraps that we don't want to touch at all and not enough on the traditional cues. This cue features a great feeling high quality leather snake embossed wrap and great design with the inlays. Lucasi has always put out beautiful cues that play superb when you get a lucasi cue in your hands it always seems to amaze us that they are able to put out a pool stick that has it all at a truly affordable price nothing compares and low at other manufacturers  they would charge double for this cue !

Playability is more than a standard playing bar cue, you have all the pro performance feel and action with the 12.75 pro taper shaft. The cue has a medium / hard hit feel we think it is just right ! and think you will too. This cue is impressive and is one of the best pool cues you can purchase for under $400. its well worth it !



Wood: Bocote
Shaft: Maple 12.75 Pro Taper
Joint: Implex Uni-loc®
Tip: Premium Everest
Wrap: Black Leather Embossed Snake Wrap
Weight: Standardized weighting system 18oz-21oz available
Butt cap: Black


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  exotic pool stick by Lucas custom cues.