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#4 pool cue review is this mezz ZZA153 it is a well made super high top quality cue solid hitting cue that is so impressive and well balanced also a strong attention to detail clean designs that are really impressive that anybody can appreciate and has mass a appeal, Higher price cue with retail at $655 more than worth it! It's a great value read more to get discount pricing and all the details.

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  Testing Results Review:

 #4 spot for our top 10 cue reviews in 2017 and can tell you it gets tougher every year to choose these top performers, but our pros loved the feel of this cue mezz has quite a few models and they are all top level playing performance cues but the birdseye forearm and the ebony but seem to always give a cue a great balance cue to wood density and weight. This cue has got classic style not a single negative comment about it so it has mass appeal.

Performance on this cue comes from its balance and the kamui 12.5mm tip and the pro taper shaft that gives you precise control for maximum English with out affecting the integrity of the shaft just extremely solid feel and control. If you are looking for a cue that pro's love this is the one anybody that plays will appreciate this pool cue ! 



Tip : 13mm, 10 layered vacuum sealed proprietary boar skin tip 
Ferrule : 1" Fiber linen ferrule 
Shaft : 29" Hard Rock Maple Shaft 
Pin : 5/16x18 
Collar : Stainless steel collar with a black composite ring and a thin silver ring inside 
Forearm : Gray stained Maple with black lines ending with cream diamonds and alternating cream diamonds 
Wrap : Black with white Irish linen 
Butt Sleeve : Gray stained Maple with black drop lines and small cream diamonds 
Butt Plate : Black composite with silver Griffin logo 
Bumper : Black rubber 


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