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#2 on the list of the best pool cues of 2017 is this Viking True Blue hand crafted in the USA offering high quality American made performance at an affordable price! these cues are highly customizable which makes it attractive to all pool players at phenomenal price point. Retails at 215.00 BUT READ MORE AND FIND DISCOUNTS

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 Testing Results Review:

VIKING hand selects each piece of wood for each cue, incredible performance and brilliant stains with multiple options that let us really choose what we want ! but what we wanted was pretty much exactly how it came, we did change the shaft taper as we usually do with every viking we feel 13mm shaft is just to big we preferred the 12.75 which is an option and is a must in our opinion it provides better precision control stop, spin & draw shots. 

The convenience of the quick v-steel pin is one of our favorite added features that you will not see in our #1 pool cue pick and it makes life easier who doesn't like that?  We love it and its another reason to go with viking as a new cue. Viking also comes standard with the I Linen wrap (which is a double pressed Irish linen wrap but applied with a special coating and provides an excellent moisture maintenance option and most of all its perfected feel.

This viking has a great feel and is one of our favorite this new year! it is going with what our newest resolution is keep it simple and we are not only doing that with our pool cue but our pool game style as well. As serious pool players we want to focus on our game and we don't need some overly priced fancy cue we have to worry about dinging our being knocked over by some inebriated bar patron.  

We want to thank viking for sticking to what the do best producing one of the best American made high quality cues at a tremendously reasonable price & being consistent about it! We found vikings has one of the best finishing coatings in the business with its diamond TEC finish that can take a beating and also offers a long lasiting high gloss that stays looking new. This is the year of thinking about the things we are grateful for like pool halls , chicken wings & beer but do us a favor and don't eat chicken wings while playing pull and wash your hands before you even get close to a pool table. Thanks .





Stain: True Blue Enhanced Stain

Wood:  Michigan Maple

Ferrule: Viking SUPER Ferrule, capped and threaded onto the shaft.

Joint: High-impact modified acrylic with Viking 5/16 x 18 quick-release pin

Tip: Everest® Laminated Tip

Weight: Interchangeable weighting system 18oz-21oz available

Butt cap: High impact modified acrylic with Viking logo





Hope that this pool cue review was helpful, if you are interested in purchasing this cue please feel free to give our sponsors a visit.


Blue pool stick by viking cues


$225.00 -10%$202.50