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Taking the #1 review spot for 2017 is players 2nd year in a row. Affordable performance and dynamic appearance using exotic woods, bolstering a embossed leather wrap, players pushes the envelope at a unbelievable price point. Retails at $215.99 but available at.....

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When we first played eyes on this cue we were in shock that it was even possible to put this much performance and exotic materials in such an affordable package! Soooooooooooo! look at what you get a lizard embossed leather wrap??? "AMAZING" The wrap alone would cost you $100 just to have put on an old cue. The value here is tremendous!! The playability ? A great hit you can do anything with this cue and if anyone tells you that you can't they have no clue what they are talking about. Here is another example of the value in this pool cue, just to purchase a kamui tip is $26. This kamui tip also gives you incredible feel and control it is really over the top of what players has accomplished in putting so much value in such an advanced performance well crafted cue, that delivers on so many levels. We enjoy playing with this cue and we think you will too!!!!!!!    

We tested both shafts 12.75 & 11.75 as we did in our pas reviews ultimate control and finesse play you should go for the 11.75 but for many of our players they have starting preferring the 12.75 because it seems to have a bit more stiffness and the cue ball tends to stay on path better in more aggressive hard hitting shots and easier control in a masse shot..




Cue Details 

Wood: 100% North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple/ Rengas Wood
Joint: White Implex
Shaft: HXT Classic
Ferrule: 1" HXT Low Deflection
Tip: Kamui Black soft tip
Wrap: Embossed Leather
Weight: Standardized weighting system 18oz-21oz available
Butt cap: White Implex


HXT Low Deflection Technology


  • Kamui Black Soft Layered Tip - Made from 10 layers of carefully selected pig skin treated using a patented method, this tip is engineered to give you superior grip, spin and durability
  • HXT Low Deflection Shafts  - Drastically reduces cue ball deflection through a high-tech ferrule with special lightweight polymer core. Choose from our classic HXT shaft with 1” ferrule and 12.75 mm tip or get Skinny with a ½” ferrule and 11.75 mm tip for even more precision. This level of technology was previously only available in shafts costing twice the price; get it now backed by Players’ Lifetime
    Guarantee... Even Against Warpage



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