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#10 is Schon Custom Pool Cue Review! This cue is made a emperor or king the design and quality is out of this world. featuring a brown elephant leather wrap (not actually elephant ) just embossed leather! ok now these cues have precise and beautiful inlays and a deal at M.S.R.P Wait for it....... $1,600.00 ? but worth it all around....


Price Range: M.S.R.P $1,600.00 Save 20% Off BUY NOW Free Shipping

The LTD1813 model features a golden stained Birds-eye Maple forearm and Cocobolo butt with Ebony points, Abalone diamond accents, stainless steel joint, white butt cap, and genuine brown elephant leather wrap. 

Schon Features 
    •    Standard 58” cues
    •    Available in 19-21 oz.
    •    Cue butts are built on a hybrid core of laminated woods
    •     Ebony and other exotic wood inlays
    •    Phenolic-lined stainless steel joint collars
    •    Stainless steel pins
    •    Butt plates are made out of nearly-indestructible Delrin
    •    Piloted joints mate with phenolic cushioned brass shaft inserts
    •    Shafts and cue butts are perfectly matched during manufacturing, giving that distinctive Schon hit



Testing Results Review:

Amazing hitting beast of a cue and has the looks to back it up like we said the inlays and abalone just pop out at you! This cue was made for royalty and we were beyond impressed with it , this is a cue you have to love well! and you won't really even know it until you get it in your hands but once you do you will never want to let it go!

Final Thoughts:

masterpiece pool cue, this review is short an simple all you have to do is look at it and know what's up , Made In the U.S.A limited edition will hold its value and we just see these cues getting more expensive ever year so as time goes on this will definitely increase in value.

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Schon LTD1813 Custom Pool Cue
$1,600.00 $1,280.00