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Hitting the charts at #9 review spot is the Espiritu EW9 this custom cue is will make your eyes light up and not because of the big price tag M.S.R.P comes in at $1,795.00, but it is a masterpiece absolutely gorgeous take a close look and you will see why.....


Price Range: M.S.R.P $1,795.00 Save  15% Off BUY NOW Free Shipping

Espiritu Custom Cue Features

  • 12.75mm Low Deflection shaft
  • 5D16 x 14 & Radial joint pins
  • Custom made laminated pig skin tip
  • Hand laid genuine inlays
  • Espiritu cues carry a lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship to the original owner. Warpage & abuse excluded

Cue Details

Wood: Curly Maple, Cocobolo
Joint: Implex Radial
Joint Rings: Silver
Weight: 18-21oz, half ounces available
Butt Cap: White




Testing Results Review:

 Espíritu cues play phenomenal and feel amazing, these perfected custom cues have hand selected exotic woods and luxurious leather wraps. everybody had fun with this cue it was a huge favorite this year, the price tag was heavy but it is well worth it! excellent control and solid feel we find it amazing that they can produce a cue like this at this cost just because of the time,perfection and detail it takes to put these custom cues together.

Final Thoughts:

 A work of art, a true performer you can't ask for more than this!

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Espiritu - Custom Pool Cue - EW9
$1,795.00 $1,525.75