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McDermott has been producing cues for years and make a great quality cue, They also have high quality theme cues like Jack Daniels, Ford, Harley-Davidison these are the best on the market for a true fan that wants a great playing cue. Thats why they earned the 8th spot on our review list you get high quality and licensed brands.


Price Range: M.S.R.P $340.00 Save  15% Off BUY NOW Free Shipping


Wood: Maple
Joint: 3/8" x 10 with Impact Control Ring
Joint Rings: None
Weight: Standardized weighting system 18oz-21oz available
Butt Construction: Tri-core butt construction for straightness
Butt Cap: Black

Shaft -GCore





Testing Results Review:


McDermott Pool Cues have for years been a player favorite across the world and has always put a great design and high quality cue in the hands of athletes everywhere. These Themed McDermott cues  compliment these brands and really make a statement about a quality product that any enthusiast would be proud to own. The feel of these cues have a medium smooth hit that has made McDermott famous and also features their Triple Layer G-Core Shaft that has great feel, control over the cue ball a little softer hit than a traditional cue like a joss or schon.


Final Thoughts:

 Awesome cues that represent great brands, collector quality cues that offer real performance!

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McDermott Harley Davidson Pool Cue - HD40
$340.00 $289.00