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Predator coming in at #6 with this review. This limited RoadLine series has some really great features Predator makes a precession cue with some nice quality curly maple that pops out at you! M.S.R.P $679.00 Sharp Points clean look and phenomenal playing cue!


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Tip: 12.75 mm Medium Predator Victory Tip 
Ferrule: 6/10" long Polymer developed by predator especially for its stiffness and hardness 
Shaft: Predator 3rd Generation 314, 29" long, 10 radial spliced hard rock maple pieces with Conical-Hybrid Pro taper 
Collar: Curly Maple collar 
Joint: Stainless steel Radial Uni-Loc® pin 
Forearm: Ebony with 7 curly maple pionts accompanied by matching veneers 
Wrap: Lizard patterened pressed leather Wrap 
Sleeve: Ebony with 7 curly maple pionts accompanied by matching veneers 
Butt Plate: Curly Maple with Predator cat accents 
Bumper: P3 black rubber





Testing Results Review:


Ok here we go with this one, yes it is a great performing cue no doubt about that and it has a great hit , predator has perfected over the years! you are also able to adjust the weights to a tenth of an once but there is one con to this cue, Its kind of a major one and its the weight system. The cue comes standard in a 19oz , retailer won't adjust weight, predator actually sells their unique cartridge system for an additional $69 and you can adjust your self, also they have limited quantity for this system and can be sometimes hard to find. It by far is one of the most accurate and exact weight system on the market today. The question was is it worth it? Yes it was but for that reason we couldn't put this cue at the top of the list.


Final Thoughts:

Truly a great performing cue with precession that has been perfected of many years of this new generation pool cue company, they are reliable and consistent at the professional level and continue to be a leading force in the billiards industry. 

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Predator Pool Cue P3BW
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