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#5 Joss cue review is absolutely stunning and was part of a big debate if this cue should be number one or not. This cue is gorgeous and plays like and absolute dream, incredible feed back and made in the U.S.A. Joss has always been a favorite but hasn't done much over the years, but we can officially say they are back! M.S.R.P $795.00 this cue is traditional craftsmanship and you can feel it!

 Joss has taken all its pride, quality and stepped it up with this impressive piece of work.

Price Range: M.S.R.P $795.00 Save  15% Off BUY NOW Free Shipping


Tip: 13mm Triangle 
Ferrule: 3/4" Aegis Linen ferrule. Aegis is a linen based plastic that is designed to hit like ivory
Shaft: 29" hard rock maple with a pro taper
Collar: Stainless steel collar with a thick black composite ring
Joint: Piloted stainless steel 5/16 14 pin 
Forearm: Natural maple with alternating Ebony and red inlaid points and notched pearl diamonds 
Wrap: White Irish linen with black specks 
Sleeve: Ebony with inlaid notched pearl diamonds and cream accents 
Butt Plate: White Herculite with a Joss logo 
Bumper: Black rubber 





Testing Results Review:


Performance not a question here, this cue hits solid a definite collectors cue and a must have playing cue. A traditional beauty and pure hitting cue you do not want to put down! This cue would have been number this year but we are big about price points and getting the best cue for your buck, you do get a ton of cue for your money here and it will definitely hold its value the way the market has been going up every year. We just feel it may be out of most peoples budget. if you can afford this cue it is the cue to have this year. Joss produced a new yet traditional design we absolutely love , cue so well balanced, the hit should give you goosebumps compared to any of those overseas cues that are being produced by the truck load. The wrap on this cue is smooth and inlays are clean everyone loved playing with the cue this year and you will too. 


Final Thoughts:

You want a pool cue with real value and real feel this is the way to go! Joss also has some less expensive options that play close if not just as well in many cases you can check those out below through our sponsor. This cue truly feels and looks special!

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