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This Lucasi cue hits #3 with all the right stuff! intricate custom inlays and exotic woods mixed together to produce a piece of art that hits all the right spots M.S.R.P 384.99. When we think of a well designed performance cue which is incredible for the craftsmanship, nice..

Wrapless curley maple handle that stands out and catches our eye and our heart!

Price Range: M.S.R.P $384.99 Save  15Off BUY NOW Free Shipping


Cue Details

Wood: 100% North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple 
Joint: Uni-Loc Quick Release
Collar: Implex 
Shaft: Zero Flex Pro Taper
Ferrule: HT Solid Core Low Deflection
Tip: Everest Tiger Shaft
Wrap: Wrapless Curly Maple
Weight: Standardized weighting system 18oz-21oz available 
Butt cap: Curly Maple 



Testing Results Review:

Lucasi Custom Series puts this cue in a league of its own. its got it all and at a very reasonable price for the craftsmanship and performance. We passed this cue to a few players outside of our normal circle just to see the reaction and it was all the same, great player and amazing style. This cue surpasses our expectation of any other cue in this price range.


Final Thoughts:

Lucasi has always put up a great cue for a amazing price. They provide the whole package with phenomenal consistancy .