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The #1 pick this year is back on top for quite a few reasons that we just can't deny. Players HXT59 MSRP price tag 179.99 this cue puts performance in your hand at a affordable price! There is.....

  So much value here and performance no other cue makers are even able to compete! this cue moved to number one not only because of its performance but other cue makers has priced them selves out of range with similar performance.

Price Range: M.S.R.P $179.99 Save  15% Off BUY NOW Free Shipping


Cue Details

Wood: 100% North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple 
Joint: Implex 
Shaft: HXT Classic
Ferrule: 1" HXT Low Deflection
Tip: Kamui Black soft tip 
Wrap: Irish linen
Weight: Standardized weighting system 18oz-21oz available 
Butt cap: Implex 




Testing Results Review:

Excellent Performance and feel, The kamui tip adds great control and has a lot to do with this cues excellent feel. HXT59 cue has a double pressed irish linen wrap which is comfortable and very well done. The low deflection shaft has an excellent taper smooth finish that no other cue can compete with in this price range.

Option of a 12.75 standard taper or a 11.75 pro control taper for an additional $15. We tested this cue with both and found them both to be excellent, but for the maximum control and spin the pro taper is the way to GO!



Final Thoughts:

The intricate clean overlay design of this cue is also something that players has done right, Players has been doing this for a long time they produce a consistent cue and its a reliable brand you can count on every time to deliver an excellent product. We love these cues and so do our test players we think you will too.