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8th pick high performance cue is the lucasi custom series lzcb7 with extended double pressed irish linen wrap. Plus with Lucasi custom you exotic woods and their high performance Zero Flex Point Shaft , These cues are affordable professional performance cues.


Price Range: M.S.R.P $245.99 Save 15%   BUY NOW Free Shipping


  • Wood: Birds-eye Maple


  • Joint: White Implex 3/8x10


  • Tip: Premium Everest


  • Weight: Standardized weighting


  • system 18oz-21oz available


  • Butt cap: White Implex



Testing Results Review:


Lucasi is a very nice production cue that is hard to touch at such an affordable price range, you probably won't find the performance from any other cue maker at this price range. This Lucasi cue has a extended wrap which we really like and you see in cues from other manufacturer that start at $400. Cue hits solid and the performance shafts give the ball plenty of english when you apply it. This cue offers everything you need to take your game to the next level and you get a ton of cue for your buck!


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Lucasi Pool Cue LZD5
$275.99 $234.59
Lucasi Pool Cue LZ2004NB
$409.99 $348.49
Lucasi Pool Cue LZEX5
$365.99 $311.09