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The #2 rated pool cue review is the HXT99 Crested pool cue from the Players Pure X series. The second year in a row making the list and moving up a spot! The real attraction is a low priced cue that actually gives you a low deflection shaft with real performance. The price is listed at $192.99 a cue at this price with this performance cant be beat!

The entire HXT series really brings affordability and performance together.

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Cue Details 

Wood: 100% North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple
Joint: White Implex
Shaft: HXT Classic
Ferrule: 1" HXT Low Deflection
Tip: Kamui Black soft tip
Wrap: Double Pressed Irish linen
Weight: Standardized weighting system 18oz-21oz available
Butt cap: White Implex


HXT Low Deflection Technology


  • Kamui Black Soft Layered Tip - Made from 10 layers of carefully selected pig skin treated using a patented method, this tip is engineered to give you superior grip, spin and durability
  • HXT Low Deflection Shafts  - Drastically reduces cue ball deflection through a high-tech ferrule with special lightweight polymer core. Choose from our classic HXT shaft with 1” ferrule and 12.75 mm tip or get Skinny with a ½” ferrule and 11.75 mm tip for even more precision. This level of technology was previously only available in shafts costing twice the price; get it now backed by Players’ Lifetime
    Guarantee... Even Against Warpage


Testing Results Review:


We continue to test this cue and it continues to prevail when it comes to performance and price. This cue is best in class with a solid medium hit, offers cue ball control and feel! there is no other pool cue in this price range can comes close to these HXT Series cues. All our testing players are saying the same thing "WOW".

We tested both shafts 12.75 &  11.75 which is our favorite because it allows so much finesse and control. You also get a choice of what size shaft you want.



Hope that this pool cue review was helpful if you are interested in purchasing this cue please feel free to give our sponsors a visit.