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The 1st review pick for 2015 & for the 3rd year in a row! OB has taken the cake for the best performing cue on the market. OB cues high performance and innovative design with unique balance has us coming back for more. All though these cues touch on some of the higher price range $418-$1018

We are reviewing the OB-125 with basic but more affordable price, yes inlays are nice but we want to focus on the great feel of this cue and performance. Cue features traditional maple and a double pressed wrap this cue is clean an classic looking with massive performance.


Price Range: M.S.R.P $558 Save  15% Off BUY NOW Free Shipping



Cue Details

  • Wood: Birds-eye Maple
  • Joint: Black 3/8x10 Custom
  • Joint Rings: OB Dashed Rings
  • Weight: 18-21oz, half ounces available
  • Butt Construction: OB 6-piece
  • Butt Cap: Thin Hoppe style
  • Shaft: Your choice of 29" OB Shaft
  • Shaft Sizes: 11.75,12.75
  • Optional Shafts: OB1+,OB2+,OB-C+,OB-PRO+
  • Lifetime Warranty: against materials,and workmanship defects



Testing Results Review:


This OB cue has been in the hands in many and it is just pure performance that is full of feel and control. Although on the pricey side of most of the cues we review the performance may be one of the best you can buy. We this cue with 2 of the for available shaft options which OB cues has made slight changes to for the better & are now called OB+ Shafts.

The two shafts we tried the OB Classic 12.75 and the OB Classic Pro 11.75 Both offer solid crisp sounding hit similar to a classic maple shaft but with low deflection technology 8 piece cored construction. The other OB shafts OB1+, OB2+ offer a softer quieter hit and feel which hasn't suited us in the past but were the original OB shaft style.

 The butt of this cue is high quality Birdseye maple with a nice double pressed black irish linen wrap that offers some of the best control,handles moisture well as offers great comfortable feel.

This cue is high pro quality and we put it up to any custom cue if not better in most cases because of the precision and consistency. Also another great option is if you like your cue that you have and a OB shaft and you will get most of the benefits at half the cost.

So get into the OB groove a shot for the stars these cues and shaft will improve your spin and ultimately cue ball control. 


The looks of this pool cue are well designed and are pleasing to the eye. At the end of it all you have an excellent well rounded cue, so let this cue be your next step to improving your game and grab this Valhalla.


Hope that this pool cue review was helpful if you are interested in purchasing this cue please feel free to give our sponsors a visit.


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