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The 10th review pick for 2014 is the Valhalla Ice Rings & Points pool cue these cues are becoming popular due to the great price point this particular cue retails at $149.99 . Features a unique weight system that provides excellent balance and performance design quality. This cue uses

HD Transfers to achieve the intricate look of a custom pool that would easily go for 1000's. Valhalla cues are designed by viking cue company with over 50 years of excellence in producing some of the finest cues in the world.

Price Range: M.S.R.P $149.99 Save 10% Off BUY NOW Free Shipping


  • Tip: Premium Leather
  • Ferrule: High Impact Resin
  • Wrap: 100% Irish Linen
  • Shaft: North American Hard Rock Maple
  • Taper: 12" to 14" Pro Taper 
  • Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane
  • Forearm: Michigan Maple
  • Joint: 5/16x18 
  • Pin: Stainless Steel
  • ButtPlate: Urethane
  • Bumper: Rubber
  • Warranty: Lifetime, including warpage


Valhalla Features

Michigan Maple Forearm & Sleeve | 10 Point Transfers | White Pearl Ring | European Stain | Irish Linen Wrap | High Impact Ferrule | 6 Nickel Silver Rings | 5/16x18 Joint | Interchangeable Weight System | Premium Tip

Testing Results Review:

This Valhalla cue has been a great cue that any player would appreciate viking put some serious thought into these cues, The highlighting feature of this cue is the phenomenal balance provided by its unique interchangeable weight design. This is a traditional playing cue with your standard maple shaft, provides a great hit and excellent control.

The looks of this pool cue are well designed and are pleasing to the eye. At the end of it all you have an excellent well rounded cue, so let this cue be your next step to improving your game and grab this Valhalla.

Hope that this pool cue review was helpful if you are interested in purchasing this cue please feel free to give our sponsors a visit.


Valhalla Pool Cue VA702
$149.99 $135.00