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The #4 Choice for our top ten pool cues in 2014 reviews is the Rage black diamond stick for It's under $70 price tag and it high end high class appearance.

100% Maple Rage Pool Cue midnight black with graphic Cocobolo, white & silver drop diamonds and solid black pressed nylon wrap.

Price Range: M.S.R.P $89.99 Save 20% Off BUY NOW

Features & Specs:

Cue Details
Wood: 100% North American Hard Rock Maple
Joint Collar: Black & white Implex
Tip: High-quality leather
Ferrule: Durable fiber ferrule
Wrap: Pressed nylon
Weight: Standardized weighting system 18oz-21oz available
Butt Cap: White

Quality Construction Features

  • Made of high-grade 100% Hard Rock Maple – a quality feature unheard of in this price range
  • A fiber ferrule that won’t chip or crack the way plastic ones do
  • High quality leather tip that won’t pop off like those on plastic ferrules do
  • Choose from models featuring double pressed nylon for a polished look and feel like genuine Irish linen or wrapless models that look sleek and offer a pure grip

Testing Results Review:

We have reviewed many rage pool cues over the years and now we are doing it again, We test these pool cue because they are the best budget cue available , They play solid feature some nice looking designs that are high quality overlay graphics. There is nothing out there that comes close to this quality and you wont find at your local sports retailer or big box stores. Rage cues feature a stiff hit and are well balanced. If you are considering a cue to get into the game with this is it!

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