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#2 Katana Alani Ice features precision orange inlays, Katana carved to be a well crafted instrument of performance also features a Tiger low deflection shaft that makes performance as easy as it gets!

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 Testing Results Review:

Fierce and precise! seriously one of the brands that maintain high quality and performance phenomenal cue ball control as is great tip and shaft solid feel well balanced, everything you could ask for in a modern playing cue, great for delicate shots that require touch, great English control and the taper is perfect something that any player will really appreciate.  

These katana pool shaft also features Uni-loc joint for quick and easy assemble and disassemble, This is a highly recommended cue and soon to possibly be one of the most recognized names in the market, for now it may be laying in the shadows but "IT IS QUICKLY CUTTING THROUGH THE COMPETITION"

The katana cue was close to being the number one cue and it is really a draw between the too both offering excellent performance while #1 offers a lot of customization options the katana comes packed with it all ready to go just buy and shoot! Also it comes with a 1 year limited warranty while the #1 top spot cue comes with a lifetime warranty.




  • Tip : 12.5mm Katana by Tiger 
    Ferrule : 3/8" Fiber linen ferrule 
    Shaft : 29" 10 piece, low-deflection shaft, pro taper 
    Pin : Piloted Uni - Loc 
    Collar : Stainless steel collar with a black composite ring and a thin silver ring inside 
    Forearm : Cream with golden inlays and black points with golden diamonds 
    Wrap : Black Irish linen 
    Butt Sleeve : Cream with golden inlays and black points with golden diamonds 
    Butt Plate : Stainless steel with etched Katana logo 
    Bumper : Plug black rubber with Katana logo 




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