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#1 VIKING just took cue making to the next level! They got back to their roots and at the same time brought some new style and performance with them. We are not only excited but amazed at this absolutely stunning pool cue & for what you get in quality and performance it is a steal at this almost unbelievable price point."THERE IS NO OTHER CUE OFFERING THIS PERFORMANCE AND CRAFTSMANSHIP"

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 Testing Results Review:

Let's start by reviewing this pool cues premium design, It is absolutely gorgeous it is like carrying a piece of art in your hand. the forearm is made of a deep rich east indian wood with these intricate dashed brass rings that just really shows the precision that viking puts in their cues. The butt of the cue is a Premium Pearl bronze, alloy fancy material, This is what brings viking back to it's roots, really making these cues unique and viking does it with class. 

This viking cue comes with their patented Vikore Performance shaft which not only makes this cue an phenomenal performance cue but tremendous value for your money. Vikore shafts are low deflection shafts featuring a Tiger everest tip for maximum consistency and control.

We have played this cue for hours on end even though we often just get sidetracked by its fantastic design the feel of these cues are amazing we do recommend going with the 12.75 taper instead of the standard viking 13mm size vikore shaft for better precision and spin but besides that THERE IS NO OTHER CUE OFFERING THIS PERFORMANCE AND CRAFTSMANSHIP these cues will hold their value and only increase as quality materials become increasingly scarce. This cue is one of the best values hands down and makes us not want to even review anymore cues for the year while everybody else tries to catch up.





  • Tip: Tiger Everest
  • Ferrule: Viking SUPER Ferrule, capped and threaded onto the shaft
  • Wrap100% Irish Linen
  • Shaft: VIKORE Hard Rock Maple (Aged 5 years) 
  • Benefit: Extreme Control & Accuracy
  • Turnings: 9 to 11 turnings over 18 to 24 months
  • Taper: 12" to 14" Pro Taper 
  • Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane 3 coat finish
  • Forearm: Northwoods Maple
  • JointHigh Impact Black (IMA), flat faced with a brass insert
  • PinViking 5/16 x 18 Quick Release, Stainless Steel
  • ButtPlate: High Impact Modified Acrylic with Viking Logo
  • Bumper: Threaded Rubber
  • Warranty: Lifetime, including warpage





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