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The The Exact Shot Shaft by Viking review has been an interesting one. This is a perfect training tool if you are really trying to improve your pool game and pick apart your stroke, you get instant feed back. This shaft plays great and offers many shaft length options up to 32".


Price Range: M.S.R.P $279.00

Features & Specs:

Tip: Standard 12.75mm

Ferrule: Proprietary material, 9/16"

Shaft: 29”, 30",31", or 32 " lengths

Joint: Black phenolic joint with or without a silver ring. Flat Faced with brass insert in wood.

Pins Available: 3/8x10, 5/16x14, 5/16x18, UniLoc, Viking Quick Release



Testing Results Review:

This shaft was tested with many of our respected pool players and has been a topic of a few of our conversations on the how visualization is key to any players game. First we were worried about maybe the lines being distracting? which it is and tough to get used to and you are able to slightly feel the black lines on the shaft but if you wear a glove it is no longer noticeable, besides these nuances we soon discovered how helpful it was, Instantly see the movement in your stroke, Not only is it a instant visualization and improvement tool but came in 5th for low deflection performance shafts. We tested this shaft at 12.75mm which is are standard we would recommend having it turned down to at least 12.5mm if you are looking for better action on the cue ball.

The ExactShot low deflection shaft is a great teaching & learning tool as well as a descent low deflection shaft.

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 Viking Exact Shot Shaft

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