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The Tiger X-SHAFT is one of the newest pool cue shaft brands on the market but has made it's own way into the Low Deflection pool cue shaft market, "It's a Great Shaft at a Great Price".


Price Range: M.S.R.P $219.00 

Features & Specs:

Tip: Sniper laminated tip, 12.75 mm

Ferrule: Proprietary material, 9/16"

Shaft: 29” with 16” pro taper,made of AAA grade Canadian hard rock maple.

Joint: Black phenolic joint with or without a silver ring. Flat Faced with brass insert in wood.

Pins Available: 3/8x10, 5/16x14, 5/16x18


Testing Results Review:

Tiger X-Shaft has a great feel that has become popular. Our test of this shaft was efficient, It has a little bit of whip to it which makes a an aggressive hard shot a little less accurate but more accurate with increased spin on your average shot. Something that really gives this shaft its great play is the tiger sniper that comes standard with the shaft, unlike the predator shafts that come with a tiger everest tip and the sniper tips is a $29  upgrade.

So what makes this LD pool cue shaft a really great deal? is the price point and great performance.

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This cue shaft is gaining popularity with its low deflection x shaft design.