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#1 Pick for 2013 is the OB130 made by OB cues also known as owen bunnell cues and originally known for producing one of the most popular pool cue shafts on the market. They have opened a new pool cue factory in 2012 had has produced these custom looking cues at a very affordable price. This cue features bird-seye maple and ebony diamond inlays.


Price Range: M.S.R.P $545.00 Save 15% Off Buy Now

Features & Specs:

Natural Birds-eye Maple forearm and butt with 8 scalloped Ebony diamond inlays.

Wrap: Black and White Specked Genuine Pressed Irish Linen

Joint: Wood to Wood

Wood: Birds Eye Maple
Laminated Shaft: OB-1, OB-2, OB PRO ,OB Classic
Joint: 3/8x10 Custom Pin
Tip: Everest
Weight: Standardized weighting system 18.oz-21oz available

 Testing Results Review:

Performance ,Performance, Performance this cue has it and gives you the control that you desire. The great thing is when you purchase this cue you can choose between 4 of OB High Perfomance Shafts for our test we went with thier newer OB PRO 11.75mm Shaft for maximum control. OB cues have really hit the nail on the head with thier new line of cues. The cue has great feel and is well weighted, the design is simple yet well put together and we have no compliants that is why we gave this ob cue the #1 pick of the year!

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OB Pool Cue Birds Eye Maple with Ebony Diamond Inlays OB130