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The second time a rage cue you has made our top 10 and really its for its economic and overall value you are not going to find cues that are finished this well and made with enough quality to be an actual player at this price but the rage series pool cues seem to be able to do it every year.


Price Range: M.S.R.P $79.99 Save 10% Off Buy Now

Features & Specs:

Cue Details
Wood: 100% North American Hard Rock Maple
Joint Collar: Black & white Implex
Tip: High-quality leather
Ferrule: Durable fiber ferrule
Wrap: Pressed nylon
Weight: Standardized weighting system 18oz-21oz available
Butt Cap: White


Testing Results Review:

This cue is a great value it plays decent and it has some good quality that you just wont find at a local sporting goods store, Made of some of the finer material like the implex joints for a smoother but stiff hit which comes from its leather tip. it has a nylon wrap which doesnt absorb moisture as well is if your nerves get the best of you sometimes. But all around a great novice cue and it seems that a 20oz weight in these cues seem to add to the feel.

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