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This rage RG205 cue is our number one economy cue pick, the rage series of cues is one of the best quality cues you can buy in this price range basicly they are all under $60. Made with 100% maple these cues feature graphic transfers that have traditional looks. If your looking for a new cue this is the perfect place to start.


Price Range: M.S.R.P $65.99 Save 20% Off Buy Now

Features & Specs:

Wood: 100% North American Hard Rock Maple
Joint Collar: White Implex
Tip: High-quality leather
Ferrule: Durable fiber ferrule
Wrap: Pressed nylon
Weight: Standardized weighting system 18oz-21oz available
Butt Cap: White


Testing Results Review:

We tested the RG205 rage cue and found it to be the best hitting cue out of our economy selection also one of the best looking, This cue has a solid hit and traditional feel with the quality materials that just can't be beat our only semi -complaint was the nylon wrap has a cold feel in the hands but not a deal breaker considering all the other A+ Features

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Rage Pool Stick RG205

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